Magnificent Trees Around the World



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I win the who-looks-most-tired contest at work


my hair will be this color for 1 day only. enjoy while u can


We interrupt your usual schedule to bring you a very small pig descending a set of stairs.

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f(x) Luna - Red Light Teaser #4


Here’s a supercut of every time Bob says “Oh my god.”

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Ward Bennett, Apartment, 1965


"What would you say if you didn’t know that anyone was listening?"

After ten months, Shelby Smith’s Space Email is back.

In August of 2013, the independent game developer launched a self-proclaimed communication experiment platform allowing its participants to send and receive archived messages anonymously. Users knew nothing of their fellow readers other than that which they chose to place in their notes; like messages in a bottle, the only content was that which others put forth themselves. A grab bag of pure internetia, the notes contain everything from heartfelt confessions and diary-styled entry logs to obscure pop-culture references and motivational speeches.

The site gained a sudden spike in popularity shortly after it was created, and shut down after two days and sixteen thousand user-submitted messages.

Ten months later, Space Email has returned, with several new developments - along with a much-needed profanity filter and report button, the site now provides its users with the option for pay-what-you-want registered accounts, letting you star messages you wish to reread later, share links, and post messages in a variety of colors.

Here’s hoping that Space Email will continue to be a fascinating glimpse into the collective mind of the internet and the people who use it.


If you want to ruin a song forever use it for your alarm

also i’m realizing that this is quite a change of pace from the post that i made when i first moved to new york. i’ve adapted well, and, even though i haven’t made a ton of new friends through the co-op, i’m still really happy with where i am right now. sure, friends are nice, but i’m pretty awesome too. i think i’m gonna continue taking myself out on dates and see where this leads to :)

living on your own is so great. it feels awesome to be able to do everything on my own terms and to have no obligations after work. i finally have time for things like exercising and learning how to cook for myself.

overall, i’m feeling a lot healthier and independent. yesterday I went rock climbing and today I went to an art show, all on my own. at both places I had awesome conversations with complete strangers. I think, when you’re by yourself, people feel less threatened and are more likely to strike up a conversation with you. it’s something that I don’t generally get to experience in my day-to-day life at college, and it’s so refreshing.

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